• [News] POE: The Bestiary Update Comes With A New Crafting System Build [03/01/2018]
    In Path of Exile, the Bestiary content update is scheduled for release on March 2, 2018 for both PC and Xbox One. Bestiary has four unique item sets based on those spirit beasts. Chris stated that the developer is looking at adding the Bestiary content to the base game at a later date, albeit with some adjustments to the balance. Look for Bestiary to also toss in new unique items, as well as Prophecies.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Overview Of Bestiary League Awards [02/28/2018]
    Thanks to the Bestiary League, which will begin in the action / RPG Path of Exile on March 2, people will have the opportunity to perform 40 challenges to obtain exclusive microtransactions.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Bestiary Update Will Be Available On March [02/23/2018]
    Bestiary will be available on March 2, 2018 on PC and on Xbox One one week later. The update includes the new Bestiary Challenge League, where players compete to capture and capture the nearly 300 most dangerous Beasts that have overgrowthed in Wraeclast and sacrificed to create all kinds of items.
  • [News] Obtaining Of Path Of Exile Items At U4GM Is Safe [02/09/2018]
    Path of Exile is the first true cross-platform MMO available for Windows, Xbox One. The game offers players an extensive character customization system with seven classes and dynamic PvP battles.
  • [News] It Is True That Any Class Can Do Anything In Path Of Exile [02/08/2018]
    Path of Exile, this game is quite technical with all the passives that all work differently with items and skills so it will most likely take quite some season to get used to all the mechanics. The game opens with the player character awakening on the shores of Wraeclast, an island for criminals and ne'er-do-wells from the nearby island nation, Oriath. Skill gems, these are the most important part of Path of Exile, around which every character revolves. Without them, you'd be whacking things with a stick forever.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Is Pure Horror: The Game Is A Diablo Competitor [02/05/2018]
    The latest update of Path of Exile adds new character customisation options, with four new skills gems focused on necromancy and six support gems. At the same time, the update adds a new challenge league called the Abyss. There, you will wander maps in search of cracks that nasties will spill out of. Path of Exile is a Diablo competitor, and an action RPG with an isometric viewpoint, piles of loot, a class-based structure, and heavy (heavy) horror themes. We feel privileged to offer safe and cheap path of exile items to you.
  • [News] Path Of Exile Is Free To Play But Not Pay To Win [02/05/2018]
    Earn devastating skills and valuable items as you fight your way through the dark continent of Wraeclast. With unrivaled character customization, Path of Exile is an award-winning online Action RPG created by hardcore gamers, for hardcore gamers.
  • [News] Get Discount When Buy Path Of Exile Products On U4GM [02/01/2018]
    Path of Exile is a free MMORPG that puts players in the land of Wraeclast, a fantasy world filled with evil bloodsuckers lurking and ready to tear the body of the player.
  • [News] Our Ninety Percentage Customers Got Path Of Exile Items In 10 Mins [01/25/2018]
    At U4GM, we offer our the best service totally to everyone, you don't have to spend too much time on buying poe currency, how to choose the best site to buy poe currency and poe items? Many sites can sell you items but the price may be different. Before purchasing path of exile currency, make more comparisons and find the store the offers the lower price. U4GM, as the top seller of path of exile currency around the world, we never quit training in our team and staff.
  • [News] U4GM Makes The PoE Orbs At The Bottom Price [01/25/2018]
    We are do price check every few minutes to make the cheap PoE orbs price in the market, so our price is usually the cheapest. The Delivery department work 24/7/365, so whenever you buy PoE orbs we can usually finish the delivery in few minutes.
  • [News] Final Fantasy XIV: The First Full-fledged World-of-Warcraft-style MMO [03/28/2017]
    Final Fantasy XIV, it's a widespread acclaimed MMORPG gameplay, A Realm Reborn, arguably, it was regarded as the one of most prevalent MMOs released since World of Warcraft. More importantly, the game is definitely the first full-fledged World-of-Warcraft-style MMO to really, truly work well with a controller, making the entire experience more comfortable and immediate than its competitors.
  • [News] Albion Online: Three Things Players You'd Like Changed [01/14/2017]
    If made a comparison both Albion online and other MMORPG game, the majorly difference is its awesome fool loot system. And included everything else such as bioms, crafting, quests ect are nice additions to full loot PVP game.
  • [News] Albion Online Is Now Seeking For A Twitch Host [01/14/2017]
    Now that Albion Onlne are attempting to seek for a Twitch host so as to make use of Twitch channel regularly, so to that end, someone with an entertaining onscreen personality and the drive to stream content related to the game.
  • [News] Albion Online: Kleider Machen Klassen - Tank - Der Eisenpanzer [12/30/2016]
    Regarding the upcoming Sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online, it uses a class system that does not have a class. The equipment is up to role you play, and one is the iron tank tank. Are you ready for buying cheap albion online gold?
  • [News] Albion Online: New Mechanics Of Death And More [12/30/2016]
    Albion Online the new content update, Kador for the MMORPG Albion online is not far off, in accordance to the developers, they have made a decision, which is a bit more detail to tell you about some of the changes.
  • [News] Tips On Choosing A Class In Dofus Touch [12/29/2016]
    The game gave a lot of options as there are all 15 active classes in game. Here are some tips you should noticed when you choosing your class.
  • [News] Tibia Winter Update 2016 Unveiled [12/21/2016]
    The Tibia team officially unveiled the winter update 2016 for the game. A race called "Astral Shapers", a powerful technique"imbuing", the prey system and so on are all introduced.
  • [News] Storage Wars Style Update Comes to RuneScape [11/28/2016]
    Before long weekend at RuneFest however, Jagex announced Bank Bidders, a way to bring these lost items back into the game.
  • [News] tibiamoney:Special Discounted Promotion on Halloween Day [10/24/2016]
    To celebrate our 2016 Halloween, we're having a special discounted promotion on all products. Follow the step, join us for a Big Halloween Weekend, you'll get up to 15% coupon discount code.
  • [News] Sucessful Trade Pokemon in Pokemon Go [09/05/2016]
    Every gamer is talking about the brand new augmented reality game that permits the users to catch Pokemon in the actual world. Trading Pokemon comes out as a large segment of the past Nintendo Pokemon games.
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